Megumi Project

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With the success of Nozomi Project in Ishinomaki, a sister project was created and expanded into the nearby town of Onagawa. Close to 10% of the population was lost along with the central infrastructure of the town. Megumi Project is an income-generating social enterprise that transforms vintage kimonos into beautiful products such as fabric bags, book and bible covers, as well as other accessories. In the future, pottery shards will be attached to their creations for extra uniqueness that continues to … Read More

Nozomi Project

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With a God-directed vision and calling, the Nozomi Project is led and overseen by a team of missionaries who are part of Be One Tohoku Aid. “Nozomi” means “hope” in Japanese, and the Nozomi Project is a social enterprise bringing hope, sustainable income, community, and dignity to the women in Ishinomaki, Japan and the surrounding region by training women to craft unique jewelry products. Nozomi women are creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry featuring broken pieces of pottery left in the wake … Read More

Hamaguri Hama

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Hamaguri Hama is a locally run initiative on the peninsula that is a part of Ishinomaki. Many of its small villages were wiped out from the earthquake and tsunami. A small group of young folks, who were unwilling to abandon the village that had been called their familial home for generations, have invested in long-term rebuilding efforts. They have developed a cafe and a ryokan (a Japanese inn), and they are in the process of establishing a campground to help sustain … Read More

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