City Lights

with No Comments is a website we have set up for the 3.11 24 hour prayer events. It is also a great resource to find the Christian churches and organizations united in providing support and aid to the people of the Ishinomaki area. Updating this website with photos for each church/organization is a project for one of our interns this summer.

Ishinomaki Ministry Network

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The Ishinomaki Ministry Network focuses on strengthening the unity of Christians working in Ishinomaki. Once a month, ICC helps organize a meeting that brings together at least one representative of each local Christian group that makes up the Ishinomaki Ministry Network. These representatives include pastors, missionaries, and Christian development and recovery workers. A different organization hosts the meeting each time. This gathering provides a space for all participating representatives to learn about what each group is doing and experiencing, so … Read More

Watanoha Family Prayer

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Watanoha Family Prayer is an informal gathering of all of the ministries and Christian organizations in the Watanoha district of Ishinomaki. The Watanoha family meets once a month to pray and worship together. Watanoha Family Prayer holds a distinct focus on prayer, enhancing unity in Christ.