Basketball Camp

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ICC helps run a basketball camp every summer in the month of August at a local elementary school. The camp targets elementary school students and is open for both the more experienced players and those who are just starting to play. The camp runs for two to three days and ends in a cookout and campfire for the students and parents. In the past, volunteer teams like the JUMP team, coach the students and help run the camp.

Temporary Housing Project

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Two years after the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami, there were still roughly 30,000 people living in temporary housing in Ishinomaki and the surrounding areas. Through relationships and connections with several temporary housing units, ICC is able to regularly visit the local residents with various events and activities. Once a month, ICC helps run a bonsai workshop for temporary housing residents in the temporary housing meeting center. Bonsai is a Japanese art form involving potted miniature trees, and is particularly popular … Read More

Gospel Music Festival

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Ishinomaki Gospel Festival serves as a bridge between local churches, ICC, and the community. The overall desire is that this festival provides a space and time in which the collective church in Ishinomaki gathers to praise God and provide a space for community and celebration. Beginning in 2013, we have hosted the Ishinomaki Gospel Festival at San Juan Bautista Park. There are three main components to the festival each year: the kids’ corner, the booths and the stage.

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