March 3rd, 2016

To our brothers and sisters in Christ,
We give thanks to God for your partnership in the Gospel with Ishinomaki Christian Center (ICC) through your prayers, donations and sending volunteers to the disaster hit area of Ishinomaki. Since November 2011 (ICC has been a nondenominational organization that serves the community, serves local churches, and shares Christ’s love) led by representatives from the Japan Presbyterian Mission, Brotherhood Christ Church Board, Evangelical Free Church of Japan Disaster Response Office (after dissolving in February 2012, a number of EFCJ churches carry on the baton), Reach Global and Ishinomaki Christ Church.

Presently, 7 staff members work to reach these goals by accommodating and coordinating volunteers to support the our surrounding community and local churches, introducing gospel music to Junior high school students, teaching individuals various instruments and strengthening the network of Christian groups and churches. Through these various opportunities, we have earned the trust and appreciation of the local community and churches. The road to restoration still has a long way to go. The need for Christ’s love to be shown through his people is as present as ever. God has worked through temporary locations for our base over the past five years. But we trust that God is leading us to the next chapter through a new building that will represent our love and symbolize restoration and growth.

Our vision for the building’s usage is the following; as a sanctuary, volunteer house, a gathering spot for the community (Cafè), for music ministry, and working with learning disabled children. The land we have purchased is beside Ishinomaki train station. It is 100 tsubo (330 square meter) in size. Due to city planning, we may need to downsize from our initial goal. Despite this we are still pursuing a 2 story building (at least total tsubo size: 70tsubo(231 square meter) that will require a budget of 65million yen. As of March the 3rd , 75% of the total funding, which is 47.5 million yen, has already been received. We are requesting individuals and churches to give toward the remaining 20million yen that is needed to move forward.

Please consider joining us in prayer for provision and through giving toward this project. Our goal is to begin construction by building by December 2016.

Masahiro Takata ~ Chairman of Board, Wycliffe Missionary, Japan Presbyterian Mission Representative
Keiichi Sawa ~ Board Member, Senior Pastor of Kagoshima Brotherhood of Christ Church
Kozo Yoshida ~Board Member, Senior Pastor of Sendai Evangelical Free Church, Primary EFC Church for Church Planting in Ishinomaki
Moto Nakata ~ Board Member, Senior Pastor of Ishinomaki Brotherhood of Christ Church
Lorna Gilbert ~ Board Member, Reach Global Missionary; Evangelical Free Church of America,
Kenji Kitano: Secretary to the Chair ~ Pastor, Hiroshima Evangelical Free Church, Director of Evangelical Free Japan Foreign Affairs

If you have been led to donate financially to the ICC building project, please visit our support page to receive some simple instructions on how you can make a monetary contribution.

Maximum Goal

  • Sanctuary for Ishinomaki Christ Church
  • Office space for Church and Center staff
  • Music room for lessons and Christian radio recordings
  • Classrooms for children’s outreach
  • Volunteer Center (housing up to 22 people)
  • Full Kitchen
  • Multipurpose room for Ministry network


  • Sanctuary for Ishinomaki Christ Church
  • Office space for Church and Center staff
  • Minimum Kitchen
  • Apartment space (housing up to 3 people)