Ishinomaki Christian Center is a place that encourages growth and leadership. The staff are dedicated Christians who desire to have their faith incorporated  in all aspects of life. With a professional and prayerful mindset, they seek to serve the church and community and to share the love of Christ as a team.

Stephen Nakahashi

フィールドディレクター / Field Director

Born in Kyoto, Japan but brought up in Glasgow, Scotland, Stephen moved with his family back to Japan when he was eleven. Returning to Japan and enrolling in Japanese elementary school without any Japanese ability was not easy. When the tsunami hit on March 11, Stephen was in the process of looking for jobs after having graduated Osaka University of Foreign Languages. God opened up the way for him to come up to Tohoku in May 2011. Working with Samaritan’s … Read More

Jordan Foxwell

ボランティア・プロジェクト・コーディネーター / Volunteer projects Coordinator

I was born in Japan. This happened for a number of reasons but namely because Japan was where my family was living and working at that time and Tokyo was my Dad’s hometown. His parents were missionaries to Japan right after World War II. I grew up in Tokyo and went to kindergarten through twelfth grade at Christian Academy in Japan. When the events of 3/11 took place, I had recently graduated form Calvin College and was living in Michigan working … Read More

Ryo Amano

制作コーディネーター / Artistic Coordinator

Percussionist/Guitarist/Pianist and Liberty Music Program Artistic Director. Ryo is involved in overseeing lessons for students, and produces music events in which students perform with professional musicians. Ryo graduated from Boston’s Berkley School of Music with a degree in jazz composition, and has since been performing in cafes, restaurants, jazz clubs, live houses, churches, and wedding ceremonies. Before working with Ishinomaki Christian Center, January 2012, he came to the Tohoku disaster area working for the non-profit organization Samaritan’s Purse as a … Read More

Mami Amano

学校担当者 / School Liaison

Born and raised in Japan, Mami began participating in the restoration efforts in Ishinomaki and Minamisanriku as a volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse in March 2012, and as a staff member two months later after hearing of a need for volunteers and of how God was working in the disaster affected areas. Wanting to continue participating in the restoration of Ishinomaki, Mami joined the activities of the Liberty Music Project in January of 2013. Mami is continuing to work with the … Read More

John and Kay Payne

チャプレン / Chaplains

John and Kay came to Ishinomaki in August 2015 to work alongside the ICC Team as Team Chaplains. They are part of the Mission To The World Tokyo team, and also members of Pioneers Australia. John was ordained in the Presbyterian Church of Scotland in 1985. He has ministered in Scotland, England, and for the last 20 years in Australia. He has experience in parish ministry, school and university chaplaincy, and for the last eight years was Minister of St … Read More