Jordan Foxwell

ボランティア・プロジェクト・コーディネーター / Volunteer projects Coordinator

I was born in Japan. This happened for a number of reasons but namely because Japan was where my family was living and working at that time and Tokyo was my Dad’s hometown. His parents were missionaries to Japan right after World War II. I grew up in Tokyo and went to kindergarten through twelfth grade at Christian Academy in Japan.

When the events of 3/11 took place, I had recently graduated form Calvin College and was living in Michigan working as a personal trainer. By June of that year, I finally put the longing that God had been putting on my heart into action. That first summer I was blessed to work with the Christian relief organization CRASH and also did independent projects with schools and family-based teams. On one of those independent trips, my team ended up staying at a Samaritan’s Purse base. It was then that I became reacquainted with Stephen Nakahashi, whom I knew as a child. Samaritan’s Purse then hired me that August to run “mud outs” in the city of Ishinomaki and help with their volunteer coordinating. This job continued in various forms till September of 2012 when Samaritan’s Purse closed up their construction projects.

For the next six months, I switched gears and helped my father, Phil Foxwell start a housing initiative to build efficient affordable homes in Tohoku using American building material. As the Director of Operations, I oversaw and assisted in the construction of two houses and a church/community center in Ishinomaki and a fourth building on the Shichigahama peninsula. During this season of construction, I worked with Stephen in an effort to define the gaps that were being left by the relief groups leaving the area and how to best fill them.

During the spring of 2013, I began working with the newly formed organization, Ishinomaki Christian Center to help connect the Christian movement in the city of Ishinomaki. My role in ICC is focused on building bridges between Christians and community. I do this by organizing projects that aim to benefit the community and connect people together.


  • I am learning the ukuklele
  • I love playing soccer and sailing
  • I am on an endless search for the perfect granola recipe
  • Sometimes wish I were a nurse or potter