Want to know what type of experience you may have volunteering with ICC? Read some of the below excerpts of various volunteer stories:

Being in Japan this past summer was a chance to dream again for God’s Kingdom. It was extremely invigorating spiritually to be around so many people laying down their lives to spread the Gospel in Japan. I learned how powerfully music speaks to the Japanese. One day this past summer a group of interns went to visit some neighbors to continue developing our growing relationship with them. They had previously asked that I come to play the violin for them as they heard me practicing next door frequently. As I played a familiar Japanese folk song, the neighbors were deeply… Read More

Rachel - Summer 2013 Intern

As a disciple of God, it is our duty to show God’s love and support to those who are not aware of such things. But I did not know how much it would affect me. Before I went on this mission trip, I believed that all mission trips were basically reading God’s Word and trying to make them convert to Christianity. Boy was I wrong!! “Actions speak louder than words” was all about this mission trip. We showed God’s love through our ACTIONS only. The day that we entered Ishinomaki, Thursday, June 20th, I was actually surprised at how well… Read More

Justin - Summer 2013 Volunteer

I really enjoyed the chance to show God’s great love for the people of the Tohoku region as I worked alongside some of the most loving and selfless people I have met in my entire life. Even as we were giving our own time and energy to bless these people, we were so blessed in turn by their hospitality and their warmth to us. We left the work site having constructed a tent for future volunteers to stay in, as well as having made new friends in the landowner and his wife. Read More

Spencer - Summer 2013 Intern

This is a shot of Minato , going into their old school really helped me to visualize and understand what they went through. Also, I’m really happy and glad that I was able to work with them. God creates amazing opportunities. Read More

Tsumugu - Summer 2013 Intern

Harvard Team 2014
Eight students and recent graduates of Harvard University volunteered at ICC as interns for two months this summer. Some of the many projects the Harvard team helped with were the Ishinomaki Gospel Festival, building tents on the peninsula, a basketball camp, and the Megumi Project. Read more about the various ways they served in Ishinomaki here. Read More

Harvard Team 2014 - Summer Interns

Palos Verdes Baptist Church 2014
Palos Verdes Baptist Church’s 2014 Team was the fourth PVBC team to serve in Ishinomaki since the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011. Read about the many blessings we experienced serving with ICC here. Read More

Palos Verdes Baptist Church 2014 - Volunteers

Hey everyone! This is Leah. Being in Ishinomaki has been such a blessing. The community at the Ishinomaki Christian Center (ICC) is full of encouragement and unity. The people are truly amazing and have such hearts for God. This past week or so being here has gone by so quickly and yet I feel like I have been here forever. This trip has completely changed my perspective on missions and my future. It has shown me how missions can be refreshing and growing as well as how missions fit into my daily life back home. You can read more about… Read More

Leah - Summer 2014 Intern

California Team 2014
ICC was blessed to have a California team from Venice Santa Monica Free Methodist and Santa Barbara Community Church serving with us in August. This was team leader Alan’s third trip to Northern Japan helping with the rebuilding effort. He wrote about their experience in Ishinomaki here. Read More

California Team 2014 - Volunteers