ICC was founded. A pivotal year for GMT, former staff of Samaritan’s Purse and afflicted churches to churches for the transition into ICC. Much focuses were on set up of ICC base and volunteer houses, as well as volunteer coordinations of relief works.

Liberty Music Project (LMP) commenced with the aim of community outreach through music. ICC remained swamped by volunteer coordination and restoration of volunteer housing.

continued to be a busy with volunteer hosting and coordination. More than 400 volunteers from different countries internationally and within Japan visited ICC. Through this, we were able to organise various community events as well as join events with local churches. ICC helped to organise a music project “Extreme Project Tour” with aim to provide soul searching and gospel reach out to local communities at temporary housing . Local joint project such as Hohoemi project provided comfort and healing through art and photos.


A bustling year with volunteer programs helping the fishery program through “Partnership Ocean”, kids programs and ICC Volunteer House restoration. A joint effort with local churches and community for Ishinomaki Gospel Festival 2014.

A city wide festival bringing churches and community together. More than 1500 people attended the festival. It consisted 22 booths, 14 food booths and 8 product booths. Church related partership such as Partnership Ocean, a joint collaboration with Watanoha Christ Church. Another full year of community based events and converts such as Atsugi Supply Support adn Onagawa Children outreach.


ICC conducted Grief Care Seminar for local churches and communities members. Last year for Ishinomaki Gospel Festival.

A bustling year with activities as volunteer teams. Activities included fisherman projects, as well as temporary housing projects. There was a Ishinomaki Gospel Festival. Several corporate meetings began to form comprises of various churches.


A year of transition with staff changes at ICC. With gradual decline in the number of volunteers coming, ICC’s focus shifted to increasingly church networking support.

A pivotal year of changes in ICC, there was a staff change and ICC began changing from volunteering to more on church networking, became the main pillar of Ishinomaki for church network and prayer hub.


Much effort dedicated to the completion of ICC building while the team also supported various churches for kids program and the “Together” music concert by Gong min.

ICC building had completed. ICC finally had its own permanent building since 2012. The building was built to be used for regular church and community events. The building was also used for Sunday service run by Brotherhood Church of Japan.


Focuses on Community Music ministry for ICC Opening Concert, worship nights for joint local church members. Dynamic use of ICC building with ICC Community bazzar, Edmond Chan disciple training seminar.

A year blessings continued to be with ICC. ICC hosted discipleship training with Edmond Chen came into ICC and hosted a 3 day intensive discipling training courses for interested ministries and churches. More than 20 participants attended the 3 day course.


ICC organised Gospel music workshops with Daisuke Yokoyama and various artists at ICC continued to lead volunteer teams to help the local communities through school and fishery.

The year started with a joint church gathering of 311 Memorial Concert. This was the first time held in Onagawa at the center of the town. Activities with kids fellowship continued to be a focus for volunteers to come, as well as concerts held at various churches. ICC held a 2 day Gospel workshop with Daisuke Yokohama, many teenagers and chuch members attended the workshop.


Much effort dedicated to the completion of ICC building while the team also supported various churches for kids program and the “Together” music concert by Gong min

Due to the effects of Corona virus, much regular activities and corporate gatherings had been affected by the restrictions.

– No volunteer came

– conducted 12 hour prayer

– Deployment to Kyushu

– Art workshop and

– Regular hula Dance