Supporting Local Initiatives

Supporting Local Initiatives

ICC encourages involvement in helping local businesses and organizations launch and expand in the local community. While individually our staff work at these organizations on a regular basis, ICC also sends volunteers and interns to assist in the growth of the following groups:

Megumi Project

Close to 10% of the population was lost along with the central infrastructure of the town. Megumi Project is an income-generating social enterprise that transforms vintage kimonos into beautiful products such as fabric bags, book and bible covers, as well as other accessories. Their artisans are all women directly impacted by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, are empowered to gain income and new skills, nurture their creativity, and regain hope through working at Megumi Project.

K2 International

K2 International is a group that seeks to support young adults who have withdrawn from society and helps them to build relationships and learn to be independent. Their headquarters are in Yokohama, but currently 11 members share two houses in Ishinomaki. Situated on the edge of the Oshika peninsula, God has enabled us to have a worship service open to the local community. None of the community members that come along are Christian, but during this time we worship, pray and share a short message from scripture. ICC staff members have been able to help in various ways.