This area of ICC is varied in the way it is carried out, but the overall goal is to serve the Christian groups and churches in the Ishinomaki area. This is done in four different, key ways:

  • Networking: ICC provides opportunities for ministries to network and share updates with one another through a monthly meeting called Ishinomaki Network Meeting.
  • Spiritual refreshement: ICC provides a space in which the ministries gather and pray together, lifting each ministry up along with the city of Ishinomaki.
  • Growth: ICC meets one-on-one with leaders from the different groups periodically throughout the year to understand the various, current needs of each group. This provides ICC with concrete ways to support growth in the ministries.
  • Corporate gatherings: Yearly, ICC coordinates city-wide gatherings for the church and community. Two main events are the Ishinomaki Gospel Festival and the 3.11 memorial. ICC is also behind the Ishinomaki Operation Christmas Child initiative in the city.


City Lights

with No Comments is a website we have set up for the 3.11 24 hour prayer events. It is also a great resource to find the Christian churches and organizations united in providing support and aid to the people of the Ishinomaki … Read More

Ishinomaki Ministry Network

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The Ishinomaki Ministry Network focuses on strengthening the unity of Christians working in Ishinomaki. Once a month, ICC helps organize a meeting that brings together at least one representative of each local Christian group that makes up the Ishinomaki Ministry … Read More

Watanoha Family Prayer

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Watanoha Family Prayer is an informal gathering of all of the ministries and Christian organizations in the Watanoha district of Ishinomaki. The Watanoha family meets once a month to pray and worship together. Watanoha Family Prayer holds a distinct focus … Read More