ICC has hosted more than 2000 volunteers since the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011, serving the community and local churches for the recovery works of Ishinomaki, Ongawa, Higashi Matsushima and extending to Peninsula. Despite the number of volunteers has dramatically dropped few years after the aftermath, ICC is blessedly receives regular groups and individuals of volunteers to support in rebuilding of the cities and local businesses. Below are some highlighted projects that ICC is involved with on a regular basis for volunteer coordination. We are thankful for the ways in which we are able to be tangibly involved in the community. Through these projects, we can be a tool of hope and community-building.


Music can soothe the soul, excite the senses and enliven the atmosphere. Through many volunteers, interns and staff ICC has been able to host a wide variety of concerts. Music enables us to reach a wide range in the community whether it be fringe of society through a rock band or the older generation through enka. Music can cross language and cultural barriers and enable us to share love and joy in a tangible and delightful way.

Oshika Peninsula Farming Project

Volunteers work on the Oshika Peninsula assisting fishermen in the oyster, seaweed or scallop growing process depending on the season.

Church & Community support

ICC coordinates volunteers to help various local churches based on what the churches needs are. Activities ranges from Takidashi (bulk cooking), park projects to children events.

Volunteer Form

Please fill in the volunteer form and submit to us to if you are interested in volunteer with us.

We have greatly benefited from our flow of volunteers and especially value volunteers who are able to serve with their professional and spiritual gifts. Depending on the timing, volunteers will assist with various projects, including but not limited to the Liberty Music Project, kimono unthreading, and fish packaging. In addition, we would love to see volunteers use their gifts, skills, and experiences, teaching workshops or blessing the community in other ways.

Please remember that Ishinomaki Christian Center is a Christian faith-based organization. All volunteer-applicants should be comfortable around Christianity.

Volunteer testimony

Diane Fujimori from Faith United Methodist Church mission trip team

It has been my 6thyear visiting Ishinomaki with the Faith UMC Mission Team and each year I look forward to seeing the ICC Ministry Leaders and the Ishinomaki residence.  The clean-up process in the area since the first time I was there till now has been amazingly quick with the help of the various volunteer groups. This year especially I felt the presence of God and His spirit moving amongst the many activities we participated in this mission trip this time. Just by seeing the faces of the ESL Group and their joyfulness seemed so evident.


How can I help if I can’t physically come?

Pray! Please check the prayer request page for specific prayer requests. Give! There are always a need for financial gifts to support different projects like the Liberty Music Project, Ishinomaki Gospel Festival, community outreach events and the running of ICC. Please contact admin for information. Send!

Need travel insurance?

One of our partnering American mission agencies offers great travel insurance for a good price. We highly recommend using them. Please email us at ishinomakic3@gmail.com and we will put you in contact with them.

Are there tsunami warnings?

Sometimes. There is a evacuation route and plan in place. During each orientation this is explain in detailed to those staying and working with ICC.

How far is the ICC base from the ocean?

1 km

Is it safe in Ishinomaki?

Ishinomaki is incredibly safe.

Is Radiation a problem in Ishinomaki?


How far is Ishinomaki from Fukushima?

64.8 miles or 104.29 kilometers.

What if I want to bring children? Is there anything for them to do?

We definitely encourage families to come as it is a great opportunity to connect with young families in the area. However we cannot guarantee work fitting the ages of your children. However, if you are flexible ICC will do its best to find a good fit of ministry for you and your family.

Do you accept minors?

If they are accompanied by a parent or guardian yes we will.

Do you accept non-Christian volunteers?

Yes, ICC welcomes all people. We are open about our beliefs but do not require you to have the same beliefs as well.

What should we wear?

Please refer to the packing list for information on this. Please bear in the mind the season that you will be volunteering. Living accommodations do not necessarily differ from the outside temperature.

What if I have food allergies?

Please let ICC staff know ahead a time of any food allergies you or others on your team may have. We are very understanding of food allergies and will look out for you the best we can.


Is there wifi?

Yes. And it’s free.

Are there showers?

There is one shower that everyone uses as well as the option for onsen, which is a 10 minute drive. http://ameblo.jp/genkinoyu/

Are there sheets and towels?

Yes. If possible please bring your own towel.

What is the accommodation fee?

¥2,000 per person per night. Tuesday-Saturday breakfast and dinner are provided. Sunday and Monday’s is the staff off days. You are welcome to use the kitchen during the off days to cook your meals.

Where do volunteers live?

We currently rent a house that is the base for ICC. The women/men quarters are separate. Women live upstairs and men live in a large US Army style tent in back of the house.
Everyone sleeps in bunk beds. We are sorry we cant accommodate couple housing.

How do we get to Ishinomaki?

Easiest way is to get to Sendai Station via train or bus and then catching a hour and half bus to Ishinomaki Station. Please see the bus guide to find the bus stop in which you follow to reach to Ishinomaki Station where a friendly ICC staff will pick you up. Please arrange all travel to and from Ishinomaki.

Is it helpful if I know Japanese?

YES! But not absolutely necessary, as time goes on work available for a non speaking Japanese team is not as easily attainable. If you are willing to serve in any way needed then you are more than welcome.

Is transportation provided?

ICC staff is for the most part able to transport the volunteers wherever is necessary. However, if you are over age 26 we recommend getting an international driver’s permit and it would help with your mobility for the volunteer projects. You will only be asked to drive if a staff member is not available.

What is a good size for a team?

A good-sized team is anywhere between 4 to 7(this way you can fit in one car). A bigger team is between 8 to 15. We recommend the first size team as you are able to be more mobile.

What kind work would I possibly be doing?

Please refer to the various volunteer projects page. After you go through the application process and have been approved to come ICC staff will be in contact with more specifics to your work.