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Sendai-Ishinomaki Bus Transportation Guide for all Travelers to Ishinomaki (ICC)

Welcome to Tohoku Japan!

Sendai is your gateway to Ishinomaki, your final destination. Please follow this instruction or point out the relevant questions in the lower half of this page to a by passer to arrive at the bus stop enroute to Ishinomaki.

You will be met & picked up by a cheerful & humble ICC staff driver at the JR Ishinomaki station where you disembark the bus.

Direction from JR Sendai station to Miyako (Miyagi Kohtsu) bus stop #33 to Ishinomaki:

Exit the Shinkansen station gate and take the escalator down to the main concourse (elevated).

Proceed straight from the escalator and exit (west exit) to the outdoor concourse.

Take the far right walk way to the escalator to ground level.

Find bus stop #33 for the bus to Ishinomaki (the bus stop is in front of Sakurano department store.



Line up behind the cue.

Load luggage into the baggage compartment before boarding the bus.

Free seating.

There will be 2-3 stops before arriving at JR Ishinomaki station where you get off.

Pay 800 yen before getting off the bus (round trip coupon is 1,500 yen)

Look for Ishinomaki Christian Center vehicle (with signage on the hood) and driver.

Translated Questions:

Q1. Which way is the Miyako bus stop #33 bound for Ishinomaki? ミヤコーバス石巻行きの 33 番乗り


Q2. Is this the bus stop #33 for Ishinomaki? ここは石巻行きのバス乗り場ですか?

Q3. Is the next stop JR Ishinomaki station? 次は JR 石巻駅ですか?

Q4. Where is this? ここはどこですか?

Q5. Is this the JR Ishinomaki station? ここは JR 石巻駅ですか?

Excuse me: Sumimasen

Please tell me: Oshiete kudasai

Thank you: Arigatou gozaimasu

Numbers to call in case of emergency:

 Jordan Foxwell (ICC Volunteer Coordinator) 090-8439-0424 jordanfoxwell@gmail.com

 Virginia Lavallee (ICC Admin/Finance) 090-6457-7067 virginia.lavallee@gmail.com

 Tsubasa Kawamoto (ICC Base Manger) 090-4766-5519 wing4him@gmail.com

 Stephen Nakahashi (ICC Field Director) 080-3304-1351 stephennakahashi@gmail.com

ICC Volunteer Center House Address:

石巻市渡波字栄田 11−8 石巻クリスチャンセンター ボランティアハウス

… seek and you will find… your way to Ishinomaki